Monday, February 29, 2016

29 February 2016 - Week 16: Things are looking up!

From the top of Mont Dore
Bonjour tout le monde!

This week was a better week than we've been having! The good news is that our ami William finally has a baptism date and it's all approved by the bishop. It's March 12th, so we're praying and preparing for that day!

Other good news is that we had the fireside on missionary work! We had 50 members come last night and during the fireside we had 4 "workshops" in four different rooms that they'd cycle through and we finished altogether back in the chapel. The four workshops were 1) what the missionaries do, 2) how the members can participate in lessons with amis, 3) how the members can invite people to hear the gospel, and 4) how the members can integrate the amis, recent converts, and inactive members. It was a really good fireside and the members were really motivated by it. We gave them a challenge to invite the missionaries over to talk about the plan of action we came up with (it's that they invite one ami to the church, and integrate one recent convert and one inactive during the year.) We already had a family that lives in our secteur ask us to come over at the end of this week. It's only the beginning, but it was a good start and I hope it lasts!

The bad news is that Corinne still hasn't answered our calls... We need some divine inspiration to know how to help her!

Also, there's this eye infection going around that EVERYONE is getting and I'm kinda worried that it'll be impossible to avoid with all the bisous-ing we do here. It's gross looking and I think it's similar to pink eye but I feel like it's worse. ANYWAY, haha. Let's pray that I don't get that dumb eye infection!

Oh yeah, we're starting to have more cockroaches in our house and it's super gross. I think on Thursday or Friday morning there was a cockroach climbing EVERYWHERE and we were freaking out. I used almost a whole can of bug killing spray to kill it. Haha, it was HUGE! We survived, but it was a little hard to refocus on our studies after that!

We have these amis, an old couple, who give us a papaya almost every time we go over. They have a papaya tree and they have tons! And they're really good papayas :) News foodwise, Soeur Tellus tried making us a pizza the other day because we REALLY want pizza but we just had the stuff to make the dough, some tomato sauce, and some cheese. We wanted more on it, so we put corn on it, hahaha. It was not great :) But then the next day Soeur Tellus made us couscous with rataouille and merguez. SO GOOD. And we went to Andre's restaurant again this week and had raw fish salad :) You have to enjoy the little things in life and food is definitely one of those things! 

It was raining a lot for a week and it cooled down a little, but now it's warming up again. I used my raincoat once and my umbrella a few times. Yeah, when it's humid and you're wearing the raincoat, it's lame. I don't mind getting wet, but I like to try keeping my bag from getting wet (it's definitely not waterproof). It gets to be like 90F I think, but it's gotten higher than that.

We have an ami from Vanuatu and she's been reading the Book of Mormon in Bislama and she speaks Bislama. She's prayed in Bislama for both of our lessons and it's so cool. And even when she speaks French, she'll say some things in Bislama, but they're English words, so that's cool :) She's knows the bible really well and has a lot of faith. She just wants to take the time to really read and understand the Book of Mormon. We're hoping that she'll want to get baptized soon!

President Granger has really encouraged us to find, find, find! That's the way we'll be able to find those who are already ready to hear the Gospel. That's our goal for this week: more finding! There's four more weeks in this transfer, and I hope we can do a lot of great work in that time! After that, who knows where I'll be? haha

Passez une bonne semaine!! Je vous aime!
Soeur Matheson

Pics from Mont Dore from last week. 
We were literally in the clouds!
But before that the view was beautiful!

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