Sunday, April 10, 2016

10 April 2016 - Week 22: Greetings from Koutio!!

Bonjour tout le monde!

These past two week have been CRAZY. I don't even know where to start and just to warn you this might be a short email because I think the cyberbase is going to close soon... 

Okay hmmm where to start....

We had the transfer last Thursday and awesome news! I'm actually not driving the Juke, but the Qashqai--the nicest car in the mission! Perks of being an STL in the North, haha :) Koutio is the "north" because it's just more north of Noumea, which is the south in our mission. In New Cal, most of the missionaries are in Noumea or just outside of it. If you had a map, you could stick one finger on almost all of the mission areas in New Cal. So yeah, Koutio is cool so far but pretty big compared to the other areas in the mission. Good thing we have a car! The apartment is bigger than the one in VDC, but it was SO DIRTY. And Soeur Rooraii and I didn't have a chance to really clean it until this morning. Now we feel a lot better! 

Koutio is still very civilized--we have a McDo [McDonald's] and the biggest grocery store on the island, haha. The ward I'm in is the Riviere Salee ward and it's the biggest ward in New Cal--way bigger than Magenta. And the awesome thing is that the members here want to invite us over and help us in our missionary work! And the DMP [ward mission leader] is great, too! I'm excited to work in this ward! We've already had a soiree with one family and at one point I had the thought that I could be in some house in the middle of Utah having the same experience (but maybe in English, haha) It's cool to see how even across the world, the Gospel is the same and the members have the same testimonies and blessings and trials. 

We've already have 2 weeks of the transfer and we're just now getting the opportunity to really get to work in our area. We've had 2 lessons with an amie so far (and some cancelled ones) and been invited over twice. 
Watching General Conference

We had general conference this weekend! It was great and the best part was that they had it in English in another room! Haha, pretty much all of the missionaries were in there... But I was really happy to be able to watch it in English so I could really learn and understand. The translation is just not the same! But after watching conference I really just want to go to the temple! #13moremonthsbeforethatsevenpossible

Vanuatu was great! We had two days of trainings with President and Sister Granger at the mission home with all of the zone leaders and STLs in the entire mission. It was really awesome BUT I'M GOING TO HAVE TO TELL Y'ALL ABOUT IT LATER BECAUSE THE CYBERBASE IS CLOSING AND I'M REALLY SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week!! 

Soeur Matheson :)

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