Thursday, October 13, 2016

12 October 2016 - Week 48: I forget what week it is...

Bonjour ma famille!!

So this week we experienced a miracle! We set two baptismal dates for THIS SATURDAY! It's Jennila and Jojo, the daughter and nephew of our amis Api and Asessione. The parents and Jennila have been amis for years now but the parents just won't stop smoking (lack of effort on their part.) BUT their daughter is ready! They just all wanted to be baptized as a whole family. So we talked about baptism being essential for personal salvation and then asked if the parents would let Jennila get baptized and they said yes! And the coolest part was that Jojo, their nephew, has come to church twice with them and as we were starting the lesson on Friday night, he walked in with a Book of Mormon in his hands that he'd found at home! He just really wants to be baptized! We offered to teach him, too, and he said yes and that he wants to be baptized with Jennila. So we said yes, sure! So as of right now, we're having two baptisms this weekend if everything continues to go well! The two kids (they're nine) are understanding the lessons well but get distracted a lot, haha. But they'll be ready for Saturday, especially because they both have a great desire to be baptised and follow the commandments. So that's our miracle for the week!

Also this week, we had a really amazing lesson about the Restoration with our ami Stephanie. Each time she asks all the right questions and she's really searching. We challenged her to read the Book of Mormon and unfortunately she's out of town all this week, but we're really hoping she brought her Book of Mormon with her and has been reading! 

And we finally got to teach our ami Jean Claude, an older Vietnamien dude. He's really still just learning the basics about God and Jesus Christ because he used to be Bhuddist. I think I spelled that wrong... Anyway, we challenged him to pray and read the Book of Mormon every day and he was shocked that he can gain a testimony like that. So we've hoping that he's been doing that this week and he's gained a testimony!

Oh and we had general conference this weekend! It was great! I heard a lot about finding joy by fully living the Gospel :)

Umm oh yeah, the centre culturel Tjibao was great and we learned a lot about Kanaky culture. And this morning we had a district activity where we played ping pong. I totally lost every time... c'est pas grave! This morning we battled the cockroaches in our apartment. We sprayed again, so all the big ones came out! Gross! :( Our apartment would be the best one if there weren't so many cockroaches, haha. Pros and cons toujours! 

I don't have enough time to send pics, sorry! But I love all of you! Have a great week!

Soeur Matheson

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