Tuesday, January 17, 2017

18 January 2017 - Staying in Koutio!!

Hi family!

So we got transfers and I'm staying in Koutio with Soeur Davis! #stillstl

We're excited though 'cuz we have an ami [investigator] that is SO READY to be baptized and we're gonna set a date with her this week (hopefully!). We had an awesome lesson with her last week, and ah it was just great. I don't even know how to explain it! The Spirit was there and she just understands and knows it's all true! So that's why we’re gonna push for a baptismal date next time!

Other than that, lots of contacting! This year we're flooding the mission with the Book of Mormon and on Saturday, Soeur Davis and I gave out 6 Books of Mormon in just an hour and a half! It's so easy to do if you're just bold about it. For zone meetings yesterday we talked about that and we challenged all the missionaries to give out 3 LDMs per day to really FLOOD THE MISSION! haha we're excited and our training about that went really well BTW :) We went to both zone meetings in one day! And we're pros at giving trainings now. Haha, yesterday Soeur Davis said, "We've done more trainings together than lessons!" Not exactly true, but pretty close, hahaha :)

With the transfer, they closed the secteur next to ours. It's a secteur without a lot of work but all the members there LOVE feeding the missionaries. We asked the ZLs to see if we could go to members' homes and visit the recent convert in that area (it's still in our ward) and they said yes! So we're probz gonna have more soirees woo hoo!! Kinda feel like we're taking advantage of the situation, but hey, we got permission. So now Yahoue is ours! haha

It was kind of a shock to get on email today and have so much news about housing and BYU. The end is coming soon, and it's very bittersweet! But I still don't know my exact release date yet. I'm thinking it'll be end of May. But I asked President in my email today so hopefully he'll let me know! Stay tuned!

Not a lot to say this week, but JE VOUS AIME!!

Bonne semaine!
Soeur Matheson

elder estall's last district mtg

bowling with the district

us with the cutest dog ever

Soeur Matheson, Jacqueline, and Soeur Davis

flooding the mission

raw cerf (deer) on crackers that our neighbor Freddy gave us

random gendarmes [policemen] on horses

me and soeur davis from zone meeting yesterday

me and soeur davis from zone meeting yesterday

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