Wednesday, March 8, 2017

8 March 2017 - Life in Paita

Bonjour ma famille!

So I probably did have the dengue, but now I'm feeling fine, so STOP WORRYING!! :)

This week was great (apart from la dengue.) We have worked (and walked) a lot in our secteur, doing a lot of contacting. We only really have one ami and a few potentials, so we do a lot of contacting. It doesn't always lead to new amis because people don't want us to come back, but we've still had some good experiences. Yesterday, we had literally nothing fixed, so we were out walking and contacting all day long, but we had 4 contacting lessons and gave away two Books of Mormon. Small successes, but we felt good about it. Plus, we're gonna lose a lot of weight, hahaha. Bonus!

 The other day while contacting, we met this guy who said he was Mormon and knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that he was baptized and everything. We were excited because we thought we found an inactive (he was smoking...) but as we kept talking, he realized that he is definitely not a member of our church and I guess is part of a church or group that has mixed a bunch of religions (I was getting Catholic and Temoin Jehovah [Jehovah's Witness] vibes.) At moments like that when people are talking about a bunch of mixed up, confusing doctrine, I really try to pay attention to the Spirit. He wasn't there, but when I testified about prophets and the Restoration, He was there. The Spirit is always there to testify of truth! And my testimony of the plain and simple doctrine of the Gospel is strengthened every day as I teach and testify of it.

Paita is a beautiful secteur and I wish I could send the pictures! Yesterday, we contacted two horses and got some funny pics that I wish you could see. You'll just have to imagine me teaching two horses about the Book of Mormon, hehe :)

I love my area! I love Soeur Brown--she is THE BEST! I love my mission! AND I love you guys!!

Je vous aime tres fort!
Soeur Matheson

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