Monday, January 25, 2016

25 January 2016 - Week 12: Prayer and McDo

Bonjour ma famille et mes amis! 

Prayer and McDo... Here everyone calls McDonald's McDo. During Gospel Principles yesterday, the teacher, Frere Chevalier, compared ordering food at McDo to praying. You don't just order food and walk away, you wait for your food. With prayer, you don't just ask for things and then forget. You wait for the answers and recognize them. It was a good comparison and we got a good laugh out of that. 

We got the transfer call on Friday and I'm.... (drumroll).... staying in Vallee des Colons with Soeur Tellus! Haha, not a big surprise because I'm still being trained and we've only been here for one transfer. But my 4 MTC buddies in Mesa, Soeur Vogel, Elder Watkins, Elder Rhodes, and Elder Miner, are finally coming to New Cal for real and that's super exciting! I know who their companions will be and where they're all going before they do! Haha :) 

This week was a pretty good week! It flew by, though! That's so crazy! I had an exchange with Soeur Gauthier. She's from Tahiti, but she's also part French, part Spanish, and part Asian, so she doesn't really look Tahitian, haha. She's fun to be with, especially because she has a car and their apartment has la clime! Haha it's really the small things in life :) We didn't end up doing much because she has problems with her back and she needed to rest, but we got to visit an inactive member who's the aunt of one of our investigators in VDC and it was interesting to see how similar the two are in their mannerisms and the way they talk. She has a cute cat that we played with, too, so it was a good visit, haha. There are lots of cats and dogs here. Sometimes there's a dog in the street that will follow us a bit while we walk and it feels like they're our bodyguards from the other dogs :) 

We had a great day on Thursday because by the end of the day, we had a 1 in all of our key indicators except contacts taken. We even gave away a Book of Mormon! Our amis are progressing and one came to church on Sunday, and we didn't even get to see her this past week! That was really cool! 

Honestly, the days all blur together once I try to look back on the week. It's really hard to remember what we did when, haha. And I have a feeling that this week is going to go by super fast. Crazy! But things are great here and the work in our area is really progressing! Our mission president is pushing us to focus on our objective, which is baptizing our amis. I think that we had a great week because we were focusing on that and even though not all our amis accepted the invitation to be baptized or to pick a date, we still had that as our goal and we were blessed for our efforts. Also, prayer is an amazing thing and praying for our amis by name every day brings so many miracles! 

Je vous aime! 
Soeur Matheson 

Videos! (I hope it works!) This is Manu, the nephew of the Tuahivaatetonohiti family. He and his brother can do crazy tricks on their scooters. In New Cal, scooters are super cool for :)

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