Monday, January 18, 2016

18 January 2016 - Week 11: It feels like just yesterday...

Bonjour tout le monde!

It's weird to be emailing again so soon because I just emailed y'all 3 days ago... But it's officially P-Day now and we're trying to keep our normal schedule, haha. 

On Friday, we did some service at an ami's home in Magenta's secteur. She needs to clean out her house and organize everything because she's going to be moving out soon. She has SO MUCH STUFF in her house! The house was originally her grandparents' and then her parents' and now hers so there's things in there from everyone who's lived there and her siblings have also just left some of their stuff there over the years because it's a big house and it's just one person living there right now. Yeah... so we were trying to help her organize and decide what to keep, sell, or just throw away, but she was pretty scattered and overwhelmed with all the work she had to do that she would start a project or tell us to do something and then change her mind and start something else or tell us to do something else. Haha, there were four of us sisters there and three are native French speakers and even they were confused about what to do half the time. So I was completely lost and just kept asking, "What are we doing?" a billion times, haha. We got some stuff done, but it still needs a lot of work. 

On Saturday, we had a great day planned! We had 6 lessons planned, 5 of which were with amis and 4 of those were going to be member present lessons. Buuuuuutttttt, we only had 1 lesson because alllll of the rest cancelled... UGH. Sometimes people's free agency is the most annoying thing, haha! But that one lesson was really great, though! We taught the Draytons, an old Catholic couple. We've seen them four times now and this last time, we could see a change in both of them, but especially the papi, Gilbert. They'd started reading the Book of Mormon and we talked about their questions about it and the Restoration. But my favorite part was when we were talking about prayer. We said how God always answers our prayers and Gilbert said that he'd never heard that before. As a Catholic, he's prayed a lot, but never knew he could get answers directly for him. We invited them to pray and to say what they feel and to ask what they want to ask and they would get an answer. Irene, the mami, said the closing prayer. It was the first time she's ever prayed without saying a rote prayer and at first she was hesitant and kinda just practicing some phrases (actually at first I didn't even know she was praying....) but it was a really great prayer and I really can't wait to see if they've continued to pray when we see them this week! 

Our mission president has challenged us to invite ALL of our amis to be baptized THIS WEEK. WHOA. And he wants us to have a baptism THIS MONTH. We have two amis with baptismal dates in February and we want to ask them to move it up (because honestly both of them are ready) but they both cancelled their lessons on Saturday... The plan was to ask them to change their dates on Saturday and get them both to have baptismal interviews yesterday, but that didn't happen. There are definitely forces at work against missionary work and it's frustrating. BUT, I know that if we have faith, things will work out. Maybe not everything and probably not completely the way we want it to, but something great WILL happen :) President has a vision for our mission and it's centered around baptizing. He's really pushing us to have baptisms because that's really our purpose as missionaries. We just have to have the faith and do the work! Soeur Tellus and I are going to do our best to meet those goals! 

I hope y'all passent une bonne semaine! Je vous aime beaucoup! 
Soeur Matheson
Picture: Last week we put on clay masks.
Picture: This is our relationship... haha JK we love each other!

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