Monday, March 14, 2016

14 March 2016 - Week 18: William was baptized!!

Bonjour tout le monde!!

GREAT NEWS! William was baptized!! It was awesome because a lot of members came to support him and he was really excited to be baptized. Afterwards, he really wanted to bear his testimony, but he was nervous (he's shy) and just went up there and close his eyes the whole time he was talking, haha! I was really happy for him and super proud! He really has a strong testimony, and I know that this work is true!!

I had a really great week this week! We had a good amount of lessons, including more with members! I just felt more busy this week, too! And I had an exchange with Soeur Snow on Friday! She's from Tahiti and we got to the mission at the same time, but she started out as an STL. I love Soeur Snow! She's cute and really fun to be around and I like talking to her. Plus, she helps me with my French and I help her with English, haha. We had two lessons and we tried finding some non-pratiquants and we contacted some people! It was a great day and she loved getting to walk. (Haha, she doesn't like being in the car all the time.)

Soeur Snow :) la plus belle
Also, some small but good news is that we saw Corinne in her car the other day. Even though she's not answering our calls and we haven't been able to have contact with her since her baptism, we know that at least she's alive!

Another small thing is that one time we were at the Place de Cocotiers and I saw these tourists from a cruise ship (I like tourist-watching). I saw these two, and I just knew they were Mormon. Then they came up to us and said they were members! I'd been waiting for the day to meet Mormon tourists! They were from Australia and were surprised that I spoke English (but that's because Soeur Tellus was on the phone with an ami speaking French.) Anyway... my dream came true and now I am satisfied!

The Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on our door! They were super nice and we were nice to them, but it's always awkward to cross them.

Oh yeah!! I contacted a guy at the grocery store! In the produce area, they have a person to weigh your fruits and veggies and price them. I went up and then the guy started speaking to me in English and I was like, WHAT. It turns out he's from Lifou [one of the outlying islands of New Caledonia] but he really likes hockey (especially the San Jose Sharks--what a coincidence!) and he listens to the broadcasts in English. And he reads the Bible in English. I gave him a card with our number because he said he was interested. Woo hoo! I love talking to people in English! :) Now we wait for him to call!

French-wise, things are going well! I actually gave a small talk during William's baptism and a lot of members complimented my french! :) And I can comprehend most things now, but sometimes if the person speaks way fast or too soft or has a more difficult accent, it's harder. 

So apparently there's going to be a small transfer at the end of this week and then another one at the normal time (two weeks from now) because there's 3 new elders coming this week and then 2 new sisters the next one. And apparently, lots of things are going to be changing with the new transfer (including more cars!) So we'll see what happens with that!

I feel like I did so much this week but right now I can't think of anything to write. Just know that I'm happy and I love my mission!!

Bonne semaine!
Je vous aime!
Soeur Matheson

a la plage! [at the beach]

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