Monday, March 21, 2016

21 March 2016 - Week 19: Pain Riz Mayo

Bonjour tout le monde!

I think I mentioned it before, but there's this graffiti tag that we see EVERYWHERE in Vallee des Colons: PAIN RIZ MAYO [bread, rice, mayo] hahaha! I took about 7 more pictures of it in different places during the week. It just makes me laugh :)

Good news! Our ami Lucien now has a baptism date for April 16th, not in September! This week when we saw him, we decided to pick a date exactly a month away to push him a little. Then we talked about how he already has the desire to be baptized and he's making the changes in his life already. His testimony is growing as he's seeing the Gospel improve his life. That's why he accepted to advance the date of his baptism. :) I'm super excited for him!

On Saturday morning, we played sports at the chapel. It's part of our effort to get to know the members and integrate our amis, but no one actually came except an ami from Vallee du Tir, which isn't even in our district... and eventually one member. So we just ended up playing with them a little and mostly just among us missionaries for the most part. We're hoping the members will start coming more! It has been raining the past two Saturdays, so that's a reason why they don't come, I guess. Hopefully it'll be nice this Saturday so people will come!

The rest of our week was good, but nothing super special. We just keep working in our secteur with the amis who want to see us, haha. We lost two amis this week: one who just straight out told us that she doesn't want to have the lessons anymore and another who just avoids us. And there's another who keeps rescheduling her lessons, but I know she's still interested. She's just busy because she works a lot during the week. We were only seeing her on Saturdays, but now her family is in town so she's even more busy... Sad. But I know we'll get to see her again eventually!

In other news, we're having a full-mission meeting with President tomorrow morning. He's here to introduce the new senior couple who is going to be working in the bureau here in New Cal. They're American, but they speak French, so that's cool :) So tomorrow I get to see everyone in the mission! It's cool to be in such a small mission because you can get to know everyone. And, like I said last week, we'll have the transfer news at the end of this week, so next Monday you'll all know where I'm headed (or if I stay here.) We'll see!

I'm loving my mission! New Cal is an amazing place, and it's so cool to see so many different cultures all mixed together in one place. And it's even cooler to see how the Gospel is for everyone, no matter their background or race or how much money they have. The Gospel brings joy and peace to everyone! :)

Bonne semaine!! Je vous aime!!
Soeur Matheson

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