Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 29, 2016 - Week 33: 23 Lessons!!!


This week was BUSY but AWESOME because we had 23 lessons!!!! We finally met our goal to have 20 lessons in a week!! We were constantly going going going and now we're tired, haha, but very satisfied!

Thursday, we had 7 lessons! Remember last week when I was talking about our exchange with Paita and how Soeur Vogel and I had 7 lessons in 24 hours? Well, we did it, too! We had lessons from 9:30 am all the way to 9:00 pm! And on Friday, even though we didn't have anything scheduled, we went out to do the sondage and have some lessons while doing that! One of the dudes that we talked to was joking about how he wanted to marry me... Awkward... He was saying that if he joined our church and received revelation that I had to marry him, then I would have to marry him. But then I said that I would have to receive the same revelation, hahaha. Fun times while contacting!

This week we were often prompted to go visit inactive members at the exact moment when they were willing and had time to receive us. MIRACLES! We ended up seeing 4 inactives just because we were following the Spirit, who was guiding us to know who to go see and when. At one point, we had decided to go see one family, but on the way there, I felt impressed that we should go visit a different inactive member first. So we went there first, and there he was outside his house fixing his car. We were talking to him, and then it just turned into a lesson! This inactive member is an RM [returned missionary] and his wife and kids are active, but he has a hard him coming back to church. He knows EVERYTHING about the Gospel but has a hard time applying it to his life. We feel like we can push him more than other inactives because he knows why we're there (he was in our position as a missionary before, doing the same thing!). We have faith that he'll come back eventually. It'll take some time and some humbling on his part, but we keep the faith!

OH YEAH! Marie-Christine is definitely getting baptized July 9th!! She had her interview and everything is good to go! It's been really helpful that she took time off work so we could have more lessons. We saw her 4 times last week and we'll see her 4 more times this week and then she starts work again, but she's totally ready to get baptized. I'm so happy and excited for her! :)

Saturday, Moise went fishing with some other Anciens (that's Elders as in the Elders quorum) and he caught this GIGANTIC fish that's as big as the two little Tetuira girls, haha. And he gave it to us! His brother cleaned it and cut it into fillets and now we have tons of fish. We actually shared some with the Elders, though, because the new Elders of Dumbea Nord got here Sunday and they didn't have any food. We really felt like the moms because we just kept offering more and more food, haha. Sharing is caring, everybody. Remember that!

I just want to let you all know once again that I know that the Gospel is true. Every day my testimony is strengthened by the experiences I have. I love being here in Koutio with Soeur Rooarii because we have seen miracles here! 

Je vous aime tous! Passez une tres bonne semaine! [I love you all! Have a good week!]

Soeur Matheson :)

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