Wednesday, July 6, 2016

6 July 2016 - Week 34: Busy busy busy!

Bonjour ma famille!

This week literally flew by! We were always busy, but now that I'm sitting down to write to you, I have no idea what to say! 

Ummm... Marie-Christine is still good to go for her baptism on Saturday! Woo hoo! We had a soiree familiale [Family Home Evening] with her and her son and his wife on Monday and it was really nice. They're so humble! They don't have much money or anything, but they still offered us the best that they had: dinde et puree (turkey and mashed potatoes) and yogurt for dessert. And they gave us the rest of the yogurt to take home. This family will definitely be blessed for the sacrifices they made to have us at their home! And Marie-Christine has been inviting everyone in her family to her baptism (all of her kids, her mom, her sisters, her cousins, etc.). I'm hoping they'll all come out to support her, and that they'll feel the Spirit there!

We had a powerful experience with Moise this week. He was kind of having a crisis and lots of doubts and anger, and he was letting it all out on the Lord. We just let him talk, and then we asked him if he was ready to receive the lesson that we, as representatives of Jesus Christ, were there to share with him. The Spirit was really strong, and I really felt the power of my calling as a missionary. I know that even though I'm a sister and I don't have the priesthood, I still have power because I was set apart to preach the Gospel and represent Jesus Christ. The lesson was awesome after that, and Moise really humbled himself and accepted the message we shared with him. 

We have a new amie! She's actually the sister-in-law of Moise and the Tetuiras. They really do missionary work in their family!! Haha :) Her name is Amelie and we talked about the plan of salvation as well as the proclamation to the world on the family. She actually already knows that the Church is true because she's seen the changes in her family (Moise and his brother) and she knows that she shouldn't look any farther to find the truth. We're going to see her again tomorrow and we're hoping she'll come to church on Sunday!

We also started teaching the daughter of an inactive member (Frere Maruhi, that I talked about the other week). She's grown up in the Church but she didn't get baptized when she turned 8, and now she's 9 and she wants to be baptized. We're hoping to fix her baptism for this month because she's totally ready and there's no reason to wait! It's awesome because she practically knows all of the stories about Jesus Christ and all the miracles He performed. This little girl is so sweet and smart!

That's all the time I have for right now! Je vous aime tous!

Soeur Matheson 

Us and the APs [Assistants to the Mission President] Elder Similai and Elder Fidow after Mission Leadership Conference

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