Tuesday, September 20, 2016

14 September 2016 - Week 44: Staying in Magenta! And a lesson with the Ghandi of Lifou :)

Bonjour ma famille!! Ca va?

Donc, we got the transfer news and I'm staying in Magenta with Soeur Caress! So still STLs and all that, too, haha. Things are going a lot better here in our little secteur and I'm excited to stay and see what else we can accomplish here during this transfer! 

So this last week, we had a district activity and we went to the WWII museum and it was pretty cool. New Cal was affected a lot by the war because the US used it as a naval base. In fact, people here still really love Americans because of all the help the US gave back in the day, haha. So when people find out you're american, they immediately love you. JK not really but the people here super like America. Anyway, during the war was when there was all of the culture-mixing because a lot of people came/were brought here during the war. And now there's still tons of "metissage" (mixed races/cultures) because of the war.

This week went a lot better in terms of missionary work! We were able to see a lot more inactives and actually we have been teaching this inactive man who's from Samoa but joined the Samoan circus when he was younger and then he met his wife (who's from New Cal) when she went to see the circus. They got married in Vegas, haha, and they have a little boy and they live here in New Cal. He works for her father building houses and they're also renovating a house for them in Robinson. The funny thing is is that he doesn't speak much French so we talk to him and teach him in English and it's WEIRD! But also fun to see what it's like to teach in my native language. And if y'all are wondering, I feel like it's way too easy to teach in English because I can actually say all the words I want to, haha. Anyway, this inactive really wants to come back to church and do the right thing, but his wife and family in law don't really want to have anything to do with the Gospel, so it's hard for him to get to church and all that. But he's really trying and it's so great! 

We also finally got to see a recent convert that was baptized in July by the other sisters. He's a fisherman and he works out at sea for about 15 days at a time and then "on earth" for 3-4 days, so it's hard to get a hold of him and know if he's en mer ou sur terre, haha. But we finally got to see him and he's solid! 

Oh yeah, on Monday, we were going to see an inactive sister but we ended up knocking on the wrong door (don't know if it was just us being dumb or if it was divine intervention) and this big guy from Tiga (an island next to Lifou) opens the door. Definitely not the little inactive sister we were expecting, haha. We were kinda flustered and awkward and were just gonna say, "Oh sorry, we knocked on the wrong door" and leave, but he recognized us as Mormon missionaries and he said he wanted to talk with us. Woo hoo! So we scheduled a time to come back later in the day, went to the lesson with the inactive, called a member to come with us to the lesson with the man we met (and it's so cute because this mami is always so willing to help us out), and we went to the lesson. It turns out this guy really likes studying philosophy and religion a lot and the lesson was a little all over the place but we invited him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. So hopefully we'll have a new ami who progresses!! 

We have big goals for the month of October/the month of miracles and so September is supposed to be a big finding and preparation month for that. We need to find like crazy! Soeur Caress and I have had to drop amis and others are still not really progressing and we want to find the elect! So we are making goals to get out and find and do all we can to have miracles! :) 

Oh and to explain the "Ghandi of Lifou" thing: The mami that came with us to our lesson is Soeur Waia and she's from Lifou. Apparently she was involved in some non-violent protests/resistance in Lifou (like front lines) and people called her Ghandi, haha. She was telling us the story and she was like, "They were calling me Ghandi and I don't even know who that is!" So funny :) But honestly you would never think she'd be part of that kind of thing because she's so small and nice and cute. 

So I hope y'all are doing well!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and the love! I'm excited to open my package, haha! I've been waiting for weeks! :)

JE VOUS AIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soeur Matheson

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