Wednesday, September 28, 2016

28 Sept 2016 - Week 46: BONJOUR!

Hi everyone!

I'm just gonna send y'all a quick little email because the cyberbase is closing early today. :( 

Just know that I'm doing great. Even though we've have lots of things get cancelled this week, we still had a pretty awesome miracle! The other week, we found Malia while we were looking for an inactive family. The missionaries had taught them YEARS ago (probably at least 15 years). We were definitely guided to her, and we went and taught her on Monday. She just opened up to us about the financial struggles they've been having and how she was feeling that God had abandoned her. But because we were there, she realized that God had sent us to her to comfort and help her. We're really hoping she's ready now to accept the Gospel, even though 15 years ago she wasn't. And we're hoping to get to teach her, her husband, and their son. We know already that they have a lot of faith and rely on prayer a lot. Also, they still have their cantique (hymn book) from before, and they like to sing the hymns they know when they need a boost. So miracle that we found her and miracle if they end up getting baptized!!

Oh, and Soeur Kelekele, an inactive member, came to church on Sunday! Woo hoo! :) 

And now I'm out of time :( 

Je vous aime!!! Merci pour tous les emails! Bonne semaine!! 
[I love you! Thanks for the all the emails! Have a good week!]

Soeur Matheson

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