Tuesday, December 13, 2016

6 December 2016 - Iaorana ma famille!

Iaorana ma famille!

Haha, I feel like a Tahitian hello is appropriate because I’m currently with my deux soeurs Tahitiennes de Motorpool! Since Soeur Caress left on Monday afternoon, until Thursday I’ll be with them.

So Soeur Caress left on Monday! We were totally chill right up until the moment she had to get into the van to go to the airport. We hugged and I cried, but y’all know how I am, ha ha. It’s sad to see her go and I’ll miss her, but we’ll see each other again for sure. I’m happy for her to see her family again and to spend le Noel avec eux!

Donc, cette semaine! HENRIETTE GOT BAPTIZED!!! The baptism was so great! A lot of people came, including Helene, our inactive sister who’s good friends with Henriette and a lot of members! For the program, we got members to do all the prayers and talks, so Henriette has a lot of support and connections with the ward members now. (BTW, she even already has home and visiting teachers! Big thanks goes out to our new DMP [ward mission leader] Frere Pecqueux for all he’s done so far. The ward is really starting to pick up!)

Henriette’s baptism was so wonderful and she definitely has a new light and happiness about her that is the Spirit! And one of my favorite things is seeing new converts take the sacrament for the first time. It’s exciting to see their progression and their comprehension of the covenant they just made. Henriette was so excited and happy to take it for the first time. She really understands the importance of the baptismal covenant and of enduring to the end. She’ll keep learning and her testimony will grow. She’s definitely one of the elect, and she’ll stay strong in the gospel and will be a light and example to her family and friends. She’s already a great example for Helene, who came to the baptism and to church on Sunday, and she’s going to keep coming! This week Soeur Caress and I got to see the fruits of our labors and it feels really good.

This week was also Soeur Caress’ last, so there were lots of goodbyes and “last times.” One perk of having a companion who’s leaving is that the Glades, the senior couple [in the office] took us out to dinner to a fancy French restaurant. The con of having a companion leaving is the stress of weighing the luggage, haha! Sunday night, we spent about 2 hours in the office trying to get the weight of her suitcases under 23 kg. But we did it and as far as I know, she didn’t have any problems.

Today, we had a zone meeting, and I gave a training all by myself because Soeur Caress is gone. But it went really well and I wasn’t even that stressed about it. I guess it’s because it wasn’t my first rodeo, but I’m still really proud of myself for successfully giving a training by myself in French.

In other news, we got transfers and I’m going back to Koutio! I’ll be with Soeur Davis and we’re the STLs for all of the sisters in New Cal! That’s a lot more responsibility because we’ll be over 6 sets of sisters. That’s a lot of exchanges! It’s a little overwhelming because there’s zone conference, Christmas plans, and now responsibility for all the sisters, but I know we can do it! I’m excited to be with Soeur Davis, and I think we’ll make a good team! And it’ll be fun to go back to Koutio because I love it there, but it’ll still be a little different with the ward boundary changes.

So the next couple of days will be busy with the transfer (lots of changes!) and prep for zone conference, and then zone conference itself! So I’ll be staying busy, but I’m loving my mission and learning a lot. I’m falling more in love with New Cal and it’ll be so hard to leave! (Soeur Caress leaving makes me think about it.) But I still have time here, and I’m gonna make the most of it!

Je vous aime!


Soeur Matheson

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