Wednesday, November 30, 2016

30 November 2016 - Week # A Lot

I'm giving up on counting [weeks]! Right now it'd be easier to count down than to count up, so... we're just not gonna do that!

Anyway, BONJOUR! Ca va? J'espere que vous allez bien. J'ai beaucoup aime tous les emails que vous avez envoye! Merci!

Dad, I love that we have riding boats on our mission in common! But I think your boat ride was way more exciting than ours, haha. It was less than five minutes and President and Sister Granger were right there, so we had to be good! haha je blague! We'd never do anything crazy! Riding a boat was crazy enough!

I loved all the pics from Thanksgiving at Aunt Gail's! Everyone is still the same but also really different! The twins are so old now! Crazy!

Our Thanksgiving was non-existant, haha. It's not a thing here at all (obviously.) So we just did normal missionary work comme d'habitude. But we were on exchange with Robinson, so Soeur Hall and I were together for Thanksgiving. Haha, for dinner she had milo and sao (aka hot chocolate and crackers) and I had soupe (aka ramen :D) Very traditional Thanksgiving dinner!

Oh yeah, I already got my Christmas package! I think it got here just a week after you sent it! Now I have to wait a WHOLE MONTH to open it! This is really gonna be a test of my patience! I shoved it under my bed so I wouldn't be tempted!

Today we had our district activity (Soeur Caress' last!) We went up to Paita to this beach with an old abandoned boat that you can climb around in. It was a really fun day! And we got fresh strawberry milkshakes from the strawberry farm. Have I ever told you about the milkshakes here? They're really milky and liquidy, not creamy and thick. So it's kinda like flavored milk, but hey, it's better than nothing! But I am looking forward to a really good milkshake when I get home, hahaha. Anyway, our activity was super fun and I took lots of pics! #itriedbeingartsylikemegan But I'll send the pics of us and not just random parts of an old boat, haha :)

Henriette is so great and she's so ready to get baptized! She's been going around inviting everyone to her baptism. She's gonna be a great member missionary because she's gonna reactivate all the inactive members she knows, haha. One of them, Helene, is definitely coming to the baptism and to church the next day! (I actually think I already took you that but it's really exciting and I can't stop thinking about it!) Anyway, Henriette shared her testimony with us the other day because she's preparing what she wants to say at her baptism and our hearts melted. Hearing your amis bear testimony is the best thing ever! I can't wait until Saturday to see her get baptized!

We had a great soiree familiale with the Danguiny family last night! They're such a cute family and the Spirit is so strong in their home. And they had Christmas decorations up. It felt really home-y and nice. So even though I'm not there with you for the holidays, I still get to be with awesome families and feel the love :)

The work is going well. Lately a lot of our amis have been avoiding us, so most of the lessons we've been having have been with inactives. But it's great because they're progressing little by little and coming back!

We're busy this week and it's great! Things are going well and I'm learning a lot on my mission! I'm so grateful for this experience!

JE VOUS AIME TOUS!!!! Bonne semaine!!

Soeur Matheson

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