Thursday, November 17, 2016

16 November 2016 - Week 54


Sorry I didn't email last week. Cyberbase was closed. I am sending pics of the letter I wrote about last week.

For this week, things were back to normal missionary life! There was Armistice day, so with that being a holiday, it was a little hard to work 'cuz everyone cancels their lessons and doesn't want to be bothered... BUT that's okay! We tried quand meme [all the same]!

For the first time EVER during my mission, I FORGOT TO PUT ON MY PLAQUE on Saturday. I didn't even realize until 5 in the evening... Ca fait honte!!

Our amie Henriette is ready for baptism, but now she wants to wait for her son to be baptized with her. He doesn't want to take the lessons from us (he's 14 and shy) so we got permission for the elders to teach him, and now we're praying for a baptism on December 3rd for the both of them!

MIRACLE! An inactive member that we had lost contact with--the Samoan guy named Hans-- came to church on Sunday out of the blue! We had a lesson with him after church, and he felt really bad for not responding to us and for not coming any more. He wants to change, he's just in a hard situation with his family. But we're so happy he came back and he's accepting help!

Yesterday, we had our zone meeting. We were talking about doing the little things to be elite missionaries (basically keeping all the rules and then going above and beyond that.) We had this idea to play Jenga to demonstrate it. We found this giant Jenga set and we wrote the rules and other things missionaries do on each block, and as we played we had all the missionaries explain why it's elite. When it fell, we talked about how if we don't do these things, we're not stable or effective, but we can repent and change. It was a really great training and the missionaries loved it! :)

Today for our P-Day activity we were supposed to have a BBQ on the beach at Nouville but it was raining so we just went to the chapel and played ping pong and had fun. :)

So that's my week! Hope y'all had and will have a great one!
BISOUS [kisses]

Soeur Matheson

PS – Aaaaaannnndddd about Skype... we're not going to be Skyping anymore. Just phone calls! New Cal is the only part of the mission that Skypes, and we're making it equal throughout the mission. So the way it'll be is that I'll give you my phone number, and you will call me either on Christmas Eve or Christmas, but we can decide that more specifically when it gets closer.

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