Wednesday, November 2, 2016

2 November 2016 - Week 52??? Almost a year!


Wow in just two days, it'll be a year on my mission! WHAT!? The last six months are gonna fly, and I don't know how I feel about that!

Halloween here is a full on holiday. No work, no school. Just fun, haha. And then the 1st of November is a holiday, too. Everyone kept cancelling their appointments and we didn't go out at night, but otherwise they were normal days for us!

This week was just a normal week in the life of a missionary, at least for us! But we did get fed by members a lot more this week because there were two soirees at the church! Blessings!

This week we finally saw our deaf ami, Wassaloupe. We taught the Plan of Salvation and fixed a baptismal date! November 21st, a Monday! (He really wanted a Monday!) Oh and btw, the sign language he's using isn't really French sign language, just some signs we think he and his family made up in order to communicate. We found that out because we learned some French signs and he was so confused when we used them. #awkward But even though communication is hard, we get by! 

On Saturday, we helped a mami move into her new apartment with a few members and the other missionaries. Luckily there was an elevator in the new one, so we just kept piling things in there and that made it way easier and faster! :) Then she bought us lunch after, haha. So great! 

Our ami Henriette is still awesome and prepping for her baptism! We're getting a better and better relationship with her and it's so great. She's so sweet and just wants to do the right thing and have happiness for her family. We're gonna work on teaching her son too! :)

We're going to Vanuatu for MLC [Mission Leadership Conference] on Sunday until Wednesday morning. It's gonna be so hot there and I need to remember to wear sunscreen or I'm gonna roast. I'm excited to go back and experience it all again! You'll hear about it next week!

Je vous aime tous! 
Bonne semaine!
Soeur Matheson

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