Sunday, December 13, 2015

13 December 2015 - And, she's NOT off

Bad weather in San Francisco has changed the travel plans!

After lots of goodbyes and hugs, the little group of 12 missionaries bound for Port Vila, Vanuatu waited outside the MTC for more than an hour for their bus to arrive to take them to the Salt Lake City airport. (The driver was given the wrong time!!) They got to the airport, only to be told that bad weather in San Francisco means that they will not be able to fly out of there to Auckland, New Zealand later tonight.

So, they have called the bus driver to get them back to the MTC for tonight. They will talk to the travel office tomorrow, and see what can be arranged for future travel.

We were able to talk with her and hear her recite The First Vision in French. Her accent is so good! I don't recognize her voice when she speaks French. :)

The good news?!? Another departure date means we can talk to her again!!

PS - She and the other traveling missionaries (to New Caledonia) actually received VISAs, not work permits.

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