Friday, December 11, 2015

I'm Still Going to New Cal!!

Just letting you know because I'm sure you've been wondering alllllll day long. So yeah, my travel plans are still the same for now!

Soeur Vogel, Elder Watkins, Elder Rhodes, and Elder Miner have not yet gotten their "visas" which we really think means "work permits," because we were told that we don't need visas anymore, plus we talked to the travel office a bit and they said something about work permits. They could possibly still get them in the next two days, but they've been assigned as visa waiters for now. They'll probably get them in the next 6 weeks though, so they won't be there for long! Oh yeah, they're going to Mesa, Arizona.

I just wanted to let you know for sure :) I feel bad for Soeur Vogel and Rhodes, Watkins, and Miner. We're a really close district and now we can't even go to the mission together :(

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