Tuesday, December 15, 2015

15 December 2015 - Safely Arrived!

Mission President Larry E. Brewer and Sis. Brewer with Soeur Laura Matheson
Laura and her MTC travel group got new travel plans on Monday morning and headed back to the Salt Lake City airport, in spite of all the snow Utah received overnight and during that day. They flew from SLC to Los Angeles, from there to Auckland, New Zealand, and from NZ to Vanuatu. They arrived today (Tuesday), which is Wednesday there! The time in Vanuatu and New Caledonia is 19 hours ahead of us here in California. 

They are at the mission home for a day and a half, then her little MTC group of six will fly on to New Caledonia on Saturday, Dec. 18th. I'm sure she will be happy to have a home for the holidays! (I have my fingers crossed that the Christmas package I mailed the first weekend of November will be there waiting for her.)

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