Tuesday, August 2, 2016

2 August 2016 - Week 38: TRANSFERS! And my 9-month mark!

Bonjour tout le monde!!

So the big news is that the tranfer call came and I'm leaving Koutio and Soeur Rooarii! SAD! 😞 But I'll be going to Magenta with Soeur Caress and we're the STLs for the South Zone. 😄 Soeur Rooarii is staying in Koutio and she'll be with Soeur Casuga. So as of Friday morning, I'm with Soeur Caress in Magenta. Other big news! We're going to Vanuatu (AGAIN!) for MLC with President from Sunday to Wednesday! Yay vacation!! Haha not really but it feels like that for us! :)

I'm sad to be leaving Koutio and Soeur Rooarii because we've had so many crazy and amazing experiences here together. But I know that the Lord needs me in Magenta, and I know that that's where I'm supposed to go. 

Last week, we had our district activity! We went to le parc Fayard in Dumbea and ate lunch and played some volleyball. Then we went and played Laser Game en ville [in the city] and our ami William came with us! We had invited others, but they couldn't come. But we had a blast quand meme [all the same]!! And William totally beat all of us. I was 2nd to last, haha. Soeur Rooarii was last :( But she got a free pass to come back and play for free. Now we just want to go back and play again! 

William is totally ready for his baptism, and his testimony is TRES FORT [very strong]! He's already looking forward to going to the temple, going on a mission, and being sealed in the temple one day! Wow! It's amazing to see how fast an ami can progress in just a couple weeks when they have a strong desire to learn and change and have the blessings that are there in store for them! Ahh!! The thing is that the transfer happens the day before his baptism, so now I have to make sure that there's an ami, recent convert, or inactive member from Magenta who can go to the baptism, so that I can go to the baptism.... I will make it happen!!!

Saturday night, there was a talent show for the Societe de Secours pieu and it was awesome! All the relief societies in the five wards had learned dances from countries around the world and showed them for the talent show. It was so fun and our ward, Riviere Salee, had country dancing and it made me miss Texas, haha :) I took videos (which is a miracle because my camera was supposed to die, but it made it through to the end). Y'all will just have to wait to see them until I get home. 

Soeur Bourgine, an inactive sister that we visit who's coming back to church, invited us to have breakfast with her on Monday because I'm leaving. Aooouu she's so adorable and I'm gonna miss her! We had milo and baguettes and pain au chocolat. Mmmm!

I'm really gonna miss all of the people that we visited here in Koutio, but I know I'm supposed to go to Magenta. Mission life is hard sometimes, but I think it's the hardest when transfers come around! But I'm happy and loving my mission and it's crazy to think that it's halfway over already!! WHAT! 9 months already?!? I still feel like a newbie, but now I'm one of the oldest sisters! Life passes by so fast, people! Don't blink or you'll miss it!

As of right now, I don't know if I'll be able to email next Wednesday because I don't know when the cyberbase is open down in Magenta and when we'll actually get back from Vanuatu. So for now, JE VOUS AIME BEAUCOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Bonne semaine!! 
Soeur Matheson

1) Laser Game with the Dumbea District and William!

2-3) Lunch after a lesson with William and Moise... Watch out for Soeur Rooarii!!

4) Soeur Rooarii and I with a giant stuffed bear at our ami Manu's house.

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