Tuesday, August 23, 2016

24 August 2016 - Week 41: I feel like a mom!

Bonjour ma famille et mes amis!

Hey good news! I made bread this morning and it's really good! :) We have started making our bread because it's way cheaper. And for breakfast it's great to have freshly made bread to go with your Milo :) I really love Milo now. It's basically hot chocolate, and when you have some good bread to dip in it, c'est parfait!

And I do feel like a mom as an STL [Sister Training Leader]. We take care of the sisters, and we feed the hungry elders (mostly the zone leaders) when they're super busy and don't have time to go home to eat. Soeur Caress et moi, we are the moms of the south zone! We're starting our exchanges with the sisters, and I love getting to have the time to get to know the sisters more and how I can help them better. 

For the secteur, things are getting better! We've met with some amis who have been amis for YEARS (one of them for 17). We meet with them, but they don't progress very much so not very high hopes there. BUT Monday night, Soeur Caress was with Soeur Snow for our exchange and they had a lesson with this family (father, mother, daughter) who have decided that they're ready to change and get baptized! Woo hoo! Miracle! So we're going to see them 3x a week and help them get to church and get ready for baptism! The mother and father need to stop smoking, so that'll be hard. But, if they're really motivated, I know they can do it!

Also, we're still working with the ward list to find inactives and correct the addresses and all that. We actually went looking for one inactive family at this apartment, but they weren't there. We were about to leave, but then I remembered seeing that another member lived in the same building but it didn't have the apartment number. So we looked at the mailboxes outside and VOILA her name is there with her aparment number!! so we go up and knock and she's there! At first, she just said she's never going to church again, but then we talked in the doorway and we even said a prayer with her and she said we could come back to visit! Yay! That was a miracle! Also, she said that the door to the apartment building is usually locked but it wasn't that day and so we had been able to go up and find her! Miracle! :)

I know that this is God's work! He is always there helping us do His work as long as we're obedient and listen to the Spirit. The Spirit is so important in this work and we always need to be worthy of it. Mom, thanks for sharing your experience this week. We had an experience like that, too, when we were planning for the exchanges. We felt that we had to have an exchange with a certain companionship before the others and that a certain sister had to come to Magenta. And now we are aware that that was exactly what needed to happen to better help the sisters and their situation. It's amazing to have experiences like that and we need to always remember these testimonies, especially when times of doubt come. I know that God knows each and every one of us individually and that he answers our prayers and that we can be the answers to other people's prayers if we're seeking to serve by the guidance of the Spirit. 

Je vous aime beaucoup!! Passez une bonne semaine! [Have a good week]

Soeur Matheson


1) A sunset from our balcony

2) That's Ouvea, one the Loyalty Islands, when we flew back from Vanuatu. I hope you can see it haha!

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