Tuesday, August 30, 2016

31 August 2016 - Week 42: Still feelin' like a mom

Bonjour ma famille,

So this week was completely ridiculous and jam-packed full of surprise STL duties due to some problems going on with the sisters that I can't really talk about.... So my email is gonna be short. I am definitely learning how to be more caring but also hold the line when it comes to handling these situations. Soeur Caress has helped a lot and we've found that we complement each other well. And I just want to say that I am very grateful for our zone leaders and all that they do and how much they care as well. They're great to work with!

So we didn't get to do much actual missionary work this week, which was a bummer! But on Monday, we had our exchange with Yahoue and Soeur Sorenson and I were able to go out and work all day and it was great! We were focusing on finding the inactive members and correcting the ward list to help the ward clerk. We found a lot of people who had moved, or whose addresses in the listing weren't complete, but we did find a couple of people and so we'll be able to help them now! And we saw one inactive sister named Anaise who's really sick and so the elders came to give her a blessing and she was so happy and grateful. It was so great to see that! :)

And right now we're preparing for our big zone conference next week--both zones and President and the APs will be there. And we're giving a training... haha so much to do! And this transfer has just flown by! wow. 

So that's been my life lately. I'm doing well, sometimes stressed, but ca va aller! [but that's how it goes]

Je vous aime! Bonne semaine!

Soeur Matheson


1-2) The beach at Magenta--we needed a quick break this week so we went to the beach and it was very beautiful. 
3) With Soeur Snow and Soeur Utia--they're the cutest!
4) And I have a billion selfies of Elder Tauotaha (one of the zone leaders) cuz he always steals my camera.

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