Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1 February 2017 - Yahoue and Exchanges


The cyberbase in Koutio is closed today and probably next week but we found the library in Yahoue and they have computers and are open! Yay! So now I have a library card haha :)

Other perks of Yahoue: our DMP invites us to eat every week! They make good food! Especially fries. Now they know me as the sister who loves french fries... This is why I've gained weight on the mission, haha. And then there's Claudine, our recent convert. She's SO strong in her testimony of the Gospel, even in the face of temptations and trials. We love her so much!!! 

We cleaned the house today. The mopping was much needed... I'm always sweeping and there's ALWAYS dirt on the floor. Just know that I'm excited for CARPET, haha. And we washed the car for inspection tomorrow, but now it's raining... mais c'est pas grave! 

Anyway, that was just a random side note. 

This week we did our exchanges with the sisters in Motorpool and Magenta. I went to Motorpool with Soeur Vogel and the team was back together! haha It was fun to be with her again, but in the real mission field. She's always so joyous and happy. She definitely shines the light of Christ and the Gospel and the people love it. We had a 3 hour lesson with an amie (yes, 3 hours...) BUT it was a really great lesson about the Plan of Salvation, something which she needed to hear about. It's so great to teach people according to their needs and personalize the Gospel to them. It was a great exchange!

Then I was with Soeur Snow in Magenta. Soeur Snow is my mission sister--we got here at the same time and we have the same mission "dad" haha, aka we were in the same district in the beginning. She's an AMAZING missionary, and I Ioved seeing her example of obedience and of really caring for the people. We got to see Anaise, an inactive that we'd see before. Not a lot of progress, but still really good to see her! And we saw HENRIETTE!!! I was so happy! She's doing so well and ya pas de soucis for her! She's quiet and humble but she's strong in her testimony! She's still working on her son and wants to start doing FHE with him :) Then to top off the day, we had a soiree with the famille Danguiny, the cutest, most adorable, and most humble and STRONGEST family I have ever met. They Spirit is always so strong in their home and I love it and we passed un bon moment ensemble :) Another great exchange!

Other than that, we're still praying that Jacqueline will get baptized soon! She's still waiting for her answer from God for the "green light" as she says. Trying to find solid amis is tough, but a man we contaced the other week actually started reading the Book of Mormon and when we went back we had a good discussion about how it and the Bible go together. We're going back Saturday and praying that he read some more and has felt the Spirit! We want to work with the members more and help reactivate the inactive members, so we're lucky to have a great DMP and that there's ward council this week, haha. We need to get things going here! The members are all coming back from the temple and there's supposed to be a fireside of testimonies and I'm so excited! Can't wait to go to the temple again!! ahhh :)

Donc voila! C'est la semaine! 

Thanks for all your emails! I love hearing from y'all!!! (btw I say y'all way more now because it's my English way of differentiating tu and vous.)

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! JE VOUS AIME TOUS!! Have a good time at work and school and everything and don't stress too much! 

Soeur Matheson

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