Friday, February 24, 2017

22 Feb 2017 - A Good Week

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week we had two exchanges and I got to go to Paita with Soeur Flake and to Dumbea Sur Mer with Soeur Pahio and Soeur Tatahio. I love getting to see the other secteurs and meet the people there and get to know the other soeurs more. While I was with Dumbea Sur Mer, we went to the new hospital to visit a member and it turns out that William from Vallee Des Colons was there with his wife who just had a baby! Aouh! So we got to see them and the baby is so cute and tiny! And it's cool to have been able to be here for so many of William's big life events: baptism, marriage, and now baby! Next thing for them is the temple! But yeah, it was really great to see them and see how happy their little family is! :) I love seeing my recent converts at church or at stake things and to see their progress and just how happy they are! The church is true and the proof is in the happiness it brings us!

We also had the zone meetings this week. We went to both but didn't have to give trainings, woo hoo! haha The zone leaders talked a lot about breaking out of our comfort zones--the things we do and little habits we have that keep us from really progressing personally and keep the work from advancing. It was something that President talked about a bit at zone conference, so in the zone meetings we talked more about specific things in each zone that are the comfort zones. Time wasting is a big one here in New Cal, so we focused on that a lot. Good meetings but they took up the whole day and then we had DMP meeting after, haha. A day of meetings... But to finish off the day we had Mexican food at a member's house. It wasn't spicy because they can't handle spicy here, but it was still good and a little like home :)

I wasn't in my secteur for most of the week, haha, so there's not a lot to say about that. But things are going well! Just waiting for the transfer news this week... President says there'll be lots of change in the whole mission, so we'll see what happens for me!

For now, je vous aime! Bonne semaine!

Soeur Matheson





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