Wednesday, February 15, 2017

15 February 2017 – Happy Valentine’s Day!


So for Valentine's Day, we had Zone Conference! Feelin' the love from President and Sister Granger! We talked a lot about the basics: our purpose and the Doctrine of Christ. We watched the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast and it was awesome! And the new schedule isn't too different from how we were already modifying the schedule in the mission, but now it's more official and I like it a lot :) For the activity, we had a talent show and everyone had really great talents! Lots of song parodies with the words changed to be about mission life and one district did a skit. My district did a dance with some Tahitian moves :)

Other than that, we've been teaching Jacqueline :) Still no baptism date set, but we're praying and fasting that it'll be March! She's so great and comes to church and loves the classes. She even gives fast offerings on fast Sundays. She's living like a member already, but she's still waiting for her answer on when to be baptized. It's a big choice to make and I'm glad she's taking it seriously, but we're learning patience! We love Jacqueline!

We also started teaching a new ami named Suli. She's Futunian and Catholic and likes studying the Bible. She drinks and smokes and isn't married to her boyfriend that she's living with and told us that she's going to stay Catholic her whole life. BUT she wants to learn from us and that willingness is all we ask for in the beginning. We know that as she learns of the doctrine, especially the Plan of Salvation, she'll start to feel the Spirit and we pray that she'll let it into her heart! Anyone can change and another thing I've learned here is not to judge people based on how they are right now, but to try and see them as who they can become, thanks to the Gospel. You learn to love the people that way.

We're also teaching a recent convert named Claudine and she just got a calling as Young Women's 1st counselor! She's slightly overwhelmed and doesn't feel like she's ready to be a teacher, but we know she is. She has a super strong testimony and understanding of the importance of covenants and obedience. She'll be a great example for the young women here!

The Temaiana's invited us over on Sunday after church and they made boonya! I don't really know how to spell it, but it's delicious! It's taro, manioc, ignam, patate (sweet potato), bananas, and chicken in coconut milk. You cook if for a while so it's all soft and the coconut milk makes it a little sweet and yummy :) Definitely one of my favorite New Cal foods!

Life is good here in Koutio. I love Soeur Davis--she's an amazing companion and I learn a lot from her :) STL life is comme d'hab with exchanges, but no major problems, which we are very grateful for. Transfer calls are coming next week and it's crazy to think that I only have two more transfers. I want to really focus on the work and persevere jusqu'a la fin! [until the end]

Je vous aime beaucoup!! Bonne semaine!
Tata nana bisous!

Soeur Matheson

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