Wednesday, April 26, 2017

26 April 2017 - "C'est pour ca que je suis reconnaissante!"

Bonjour tout le monde!

Soeur Brown is working on her French and she's getting a lot better. Mais [But] she said "That's why I'm grateful!" instead of "I'm grateful for that!" Haha. This week we've had several petit miracles that have made us think "c'est pour ca que je suis reconnaissante!" [That’s why I’m grateful!].
The BIG miracles for this week are that 1) we finally have a new ami [investigator] named Maeva in Savannah. She's Protestant and Catholic but she loves talking about religion and is interested in the Book or Mormon. Donc voila c'est cool! And miracle 2) WE SAW SIMON YESTERDAY! Miracle miracle miracle! He's our recent convert that fell off the map but now he's back on and he wants to come back, just petit a petit. We had a good lesson with him last night and he has so much faith, but he still holds on to the Catholic religion, which makes sense because that's like, his life. So we're going to work with him and just support him. We're gonna see him tomorrow, too, so another miracle! 
This week things are just looking up a LOT. Potential amis are becoming amis, we're seeing our recent converts, we're working on our inactives little by little. We even successfully took the bus to and from Savannah (honestly that's a miracle too, haha.) The past couple of weeks we were just pushing through, just trying to work and be obedient, and now we are receiving the blessings of our diligence. 
Fun things from this week:
1) We gave out 2 Books of Mormon in Trois Vallees, the nicer, richer neighborhood, to some women who seem interested in learning about our Church. So miracle!
2) We got to go with some Relief Society sisters to see an old mami in a retirement home who is 94 years old! Crazy! But she still is super coherent and has a great memory. She loves joking and laughing, and it was a fun little visit. 
3) I ate the best thing ever this week: croque monsieurs. But not just your average everyday croque monsieur. It's so much more glorious. Soeur Brown and I are figuring out how to make them (there's a secret to it) and maybe I'll make y'all some when I get home!
Oh yeah, last P-day we went to that little hidden river we found and had a little adventure. We explored it a bit and then went back to the concrete slab and played Uno and Speed. (I won, and Soeur Brown is bitter hahaha.) We're probably gonna go back again today and maybe she'll finally beat me. 
OH YEAH before I forget! Marie-Christine, our lovely recent convert and fellow missionary (she calls herself Soeur Bouanaoue sometimes) IS GOING TO THE TEMPLE IN JANUARY!! Woo hoo! She's going with the stake to New Zealand and I am so happy for her! 
So that's our week! I hope you all had a great week and that you'll all email me next week! hahaha je blague but seriously people you only have 3 more weeks. You can't miss the amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to send an email to somebody in New Cal :) tee hee

Soeur Matheson

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