Tuesday, April 4, 2017

5 April 2017 - Trying New Things

Bonjour tout le monde!

So this week we decided to try new things to get the work going! First of all, we firgured out the bus coming home from Savannah, so that was exciting. Now we just need to figure it out going to Savannah 'cuz the stops are different. So successfully took the bus and saved lots of walking :)

We also decided to make posters and invitations to General Conference this weekend ('cuz we get it a week after all of you.) We had the idea Monday night and then yesterday we made them. This morning we put up posters and signs and little cards with the times at the bus stops and lightposts in our area. So we'll see how that goes! The goal is to work smarter, not just harder, haha.
We had a few little sad moments with potential amis who were interested before completely rejecting us when we called back to see them again. But that's part of the job, and we can't become like Christ if we don't understand rejection like He faced.
But good news! The couple we found in Savannah are still willing to see us! The wife is back from Wallis and we called yesterday and set an appointment for Thursday morning. Then we called Soeur Haumani, one of the members in our secteur, to ask her to come with us and she said yes. So very excited for that lesson! Pray for it to go well!
Also, a miracle is that we saw an inactive sister, Soeur Faua, on Saturday morning. We were just gonna go out contacting and we were going to go to one street, but then we felt prompted to go to another. On the way, we pass by her house and she's home! (She's NEVER home!) And she even said, "I knew y'all were gonna come by this morning!" We had a good little lesson with her, and we were just very grateful to have been guided to see her even though that wasn't our original plan.
We also had a really good lesson with Maleko, our recent convert. He's still smoking, and we needed to talk to him about that and taking the Sacrament. It was a bit of a battle because he was avoiding the topic and kept going off on other topics, but I kept bringing it back to the Word of Wisdom. In the end we helped him understand the importance of the Sacrament and of not smoking and taking the Sacrament. He understands, and for me that was a good lesson on being bold because this is about his salvation. We can't be afraid to say what needs to be said.
Donc, voila quoi! That's been life in Paita/Dumbea. We excited to hopefully get some amis de l'Eglise and to see general conference this weekend! And today for our district activity we're going to hike Chapeau Gendarme, so wish us luck!!
JE VOUS AIME! Bonne semain!
tata nana bisous!
Soeur Matheson

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that on Sunday there were these Australian tourists from the cruise ship that came in. They came to church during their cruise, haha! Anyway, I got to translate for the dad, and it was just a really good experience to be able to serve. Also, all the members thought they were my family... Just 'cuz I was sitting with them, and I guess I kinda look like them.

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