Tuesday, April 4, 2017

28 March 2017 – Life is Good!

Bonjour tout le monde!
So I got my itinerary! Mark your calendars for May 24th! haha
This week was kinda slow but still a good week. 
On Thursday we were porte-a-porte-ing and found a great potential amie named Adrienne. We introduced the Book of Mormon and she was like, "What can you say to convince me that it's true?" And we were like, "Nothing!" haha "Only the Spirit can convince you. It's all up to you to read and pray about it." She said she would and we're going back tomorrow! :)
We got to see Marie-Christine too! So fun to see recent converts progressing! She testified about the blessings of paying tithing and it was was just another really great testimony builder to see how the Gospel changes us and blesses our lives. It's all true!
Saturday morning, we did a service project at Michele Tetuira's parents' house with the other missionaries. We were "debrousse-ing" aka doing major yardwork. Trimming trees and bushes that were blocking their view. And using machetes to do it! YEAH it was awesome! Got some battle scars from some thorns and a blister from the rake, but it was a good days work, haha.
Monday we decided we need to change things up a bit, so we made some cookies and took them to our recent converts and inactive in the neighborhood. Our recent convert Simon is pretty much MIA right now and we're hoping maybe some cookies and a note from Jesus himself will bring him back, haha. I finally got to meet our inactive Caroline, so that's good. She's really busy all the time and isn't quite ready to come back yet, but I'm glad to have met her and done a little something to remind her that we're here for her.
Yesterday we had zone conference! First time in a year that I haven't been in charge and it was SO NICE. I sat in the back just 'cuz I could, haha. It was a really good zone conference! Very motivating and full of the Spirit! Soeur Brown and I are ready to kick some butt in Paita/ Dumbea and have 2 miracle baptisms! That's the goal!
So life is good! I hope y'all are doing well! JE VOUS AIME! 
Tata bisous!

Soeur Matheson

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